Steigen Coil is densely designed to correct deep wrinkles
with its high resilience under skin.
Not only its physical support, this tunnel shape absorbable thread stimulates collagen production from its hollow portion inside while tightly coiled PDO thread increases the contact surface with skin tissue.
Newly synthesized collagen fibers gradually forms a dense structure and supports the wrinkled area even after degradation of the thread.


Auxiliary tube

Auxiliary tube helps maintain the coiled shape during entire process of cannula injection and prevent protruding out from skin while removing the cannula.


STEIGEN COILL-Cannula 21G / 60mmUSP 4.0 / 30mm(440mm)
L-Cannula 23G / 60mmUSP 4.0 / 30mm(450mm)
L-Cannula 25G / 60mmUSP 5.0 / 25mm(410mm)
L-Cannula 27G / 50mmUSP 5.0 / 20mm(310mm)
L-Cannula 29G / 50mmUSP 5.0 / 20mm(320mm)
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